Rules and Tips for a great WineFest experience

The 17th year of WineFest will be held on September 15 & 16, 2018. Our goal is always to make this event more fun, more entertaining and more comfortable for our family and guests. If you are new to WineFest below is a list of policies that have been put in place to ensure the most amount of visitors have the best possible experience. Following this advice will ensure that you have the best possible experience at WineFestNJ 2018. We look forward to your visit!

NEW THIS YEAR:  Tickets must be purchased in advance.  In order to control the crowds and for guest comfort – there will be no sales at the gate the day of the event.  A limited number of tickets will be sold for Saturday and for Sunday.  Tickets are day specific.  Once they are sold out – no more tickets will be issued. 

  • If showers/rain are foretasted please bring a personal umbrella.  Large beach umbrellas and pop-up tents are not permitted.
  • There are currently two ways to purchase tickets. 1) By visiting the winery before September 14th between 11-4pm. 2) through
  • We have a lot of parking but it is limited. We do not charge for parking at our property. If our lot fills up – and it might- you may park at neighboring fields. These fields are not owned by us and will charge a small fee for parking.
  • WineFest is a ‘rain or shine’ event.  We don’t let the chance of a few showers ruin our plans.  You shouldn’t either.
  • Getting to our festival site from the south end of Old Indian Mills Rd. is always the quicker route. Tuckerton road is the route most traveled.
  •  Busses and Limos – Pull down the main driveway (even if the lot is filled up). If you arrive after 1:00pm this entrance will be 100x’s more convenient for your guests and will be much quicker access to the festival. Please do not drop your guests off on the road!
  •  There are 2 entrances. One is by our main parking lot. This can only be accessed by customers parking in our main lot. The second entrance is just off of Old Indian Mills Rd. Only visitors parking at our neighbor’s lots can access this entrance. No pedestrians will be permitted to walk down our main driveway. If you park north of our farm you must walk to the southern roadside entrance – not down the main driveway. If our driveway is not full use our main parking. Do not park on the side of the street. Parking on the street will cause an unnecessary long walk and will take you longer to get onto the property.
  •  Even though our family and staff are pet friendly; pets are not permitted at this event due to incidents at past events.
  • Service Animals are permitted: “a service animal is defined as an animal (most often a dog) that has been individually trained to work or perform one or more tasks for a person with a disability. The task must be related to the person’s particular disability.” Some people pretend their dog is a service animal, so they can bring their dog to locations where it would otherwise be prohibited.  People who depend on a service animal are the ones that suffer the consequences when an improperly trained pet is presented as a service animal.  Please don’t be the person who does that.
  • Remember wine tasting is offered gratuitously by our participating wineries. Your ticket is for entrance to the festival grounds and entertainment. As always – if you have never tried Valenzano Wines – we invite you to visit our tasting room during regular business hours 7 days a week for a complimentary wine tasting. We will offer you a one-on-one tasting with a knowledgeable wine representative who will walk you through our selection of wines and help you find the perfect bottle to match your tastes. You may find this a more comfortable setting for wine tasting. If you get this out of the way you can spend more time enjoying the music, atmosphere and company at WineFest 2018. Regular business hours are Monday-Friday 11-5, Saturday and Sunday 11-4. We encourage you to visit for a complimentary wine tasting.
  • Outside alcohol is not permitted. Coolers and bags will be searched by security prior to entering the festival.  Anyone caught with outside alcohol will forfeit their ticket and may be removed from the festival grounds.
  • We will have a giant tent with a full staff and multiple cash registers for wine purchases.
  • We are working on getting an ATM at the event but mobile ATMs do not always perform at large festivals. Most food vendors and crafters will only accept cash.
  • Tents are not permitted.  We are aware how much everyone loves their pop-up tent.  Unfortunately tents on public grounds require a fire permit and insurance.  Every year an issue arises due to someone who smuggles in a pop-up tent.  They set it up and then dozens of people complain to management causing us to have to address the issue.  Like most others, we don’t like stupid rules – but we also don’t like being sued when a tent blows over and hits someone in the face.  Please do not put us in this situation!!! 
  • Small personal umbrellas are permitted.  Large beach umbrellas are not permitted.
  • Any structure that blocks the view of the stage from the people around them is not permitted.
  • Tables larger than 20″x 20″ are not permitted.
  • All visitors over 21 must have valid state driver’s license, passport or military ID. Over-21 guests will be given a designated wrist band indicating their age.
  • NJ State Troopers will be patrolling the festival to ensure that only visitors with an over-21 wrist band are consuming wine. NJ State Police ensure us that there will be no tolerance for underage drinking.
  • Bring a corkscrew!
  • Any non-alcoholic beverage brought into the festival grounds must be in its original sealed container.  If you intended on bringing a cooler for water or juice, bring them with ice only.  There is a water station you can use to fill them on site.  We will not allow beverage coolers of unknown contents brought onto the property!
  • Bring a lawn chair – lawn blankets are discouraged. We have no problem with lawn blankets if they are being used. Our customers do have a problem with unattended lawn blankets laid all over the property.
  • There will be a large and diverse selection of food truck whose business we hope that you will support; but we do permit guests to bring in soft drinks, water and prepared food items.
  • Keep hydrated. All of our vendors will be selling water and you can purchase bottled water for $1.00 at our wine sales tent.
  • Keep an eye on your children. We have had several ‘lost kid’ incidents at festivals and it is never fun. Luckily our security has always done a great job and reuniting kids and parents.
  • Customers caught smuggling prohibited items into this years event will forfeit their tickets and be asked to leave the festival.  Security will be patrolling the festival grounds looking for beer, liquor and other alcohol that may have been missed at the gate. NJ State Police will remove any violators from the festival grounds with no refunds.
  • Please drink responsibly.
  • Valenzano Winery has been hosting this event for 17 years and our crowds are always the best! Please continue this tradition of responsible beverage consumption. Our trained staff will do its best to ensure that there are no incidents, but that can only be done if our customers are drinking responsibly as well as looking after their friends and family.
  • Winery staff reserve the right to stop serving any visitor, for any reason, at any time!Designate a Driver! After the festival there will be a lot of traffic with a lot of pedestrians. Be sure no one under the influence has a chance to get behind the wheel. NJ State Police will be monitoring activity in the parking lot after the festival.
  • We put a lot of effort into ensuring there is always a great selection of food trucks and food vendors at WineFest. Supporting these local food vendors is the best way to ensure they keep coming back.
  • Please post pictures to #winefestnj . You may win a prize or possibly a VIP tent for next year’s event.

In Summary:

1) a corkscrew you know how to operate
2) sunblock and a hat
3) a lawn chair with a personal umbrella
4) a designated driver
5) a printed ticket (this makes entrance much quicker)
6) valid drivers license, military ID or passport

1) a pop-up tent
2) outside alcohol
3) pets
4) large beach umbrellas

Our staff at Valenzano Family Winery puts an enormous amount of effort into planning our festivals. Our goal is always ‘to provide the best possible experience for the largest number of visitors’. We are not perfect; we will anticipate incorrectly or forget something that should have been obvious. We assure you that when these things become evident – we will recognize our mistakes and plan for it the following year. One thing we are very proud if is the fact that every event we do is better managed, more entertaining, and more comfortable than the previous year’s event. This is only possible because our amazing customers consistently give us the benefit of the doubt, and understand their best interest is our ultimate goal. We have had 17 years to perfect WineFest – and it is going to be a wonderful event! With that said – if something about the festival still drives you crazy to the point that you are compelled lay into us – please do so at [email protected] . I have this email set to forward all emails daily to my brother at 10:00pm, just before he goes to bed.

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