4th of July Hours

Friends, Family, & Folks of Valenzano Winery,
We will be closed on Thursday, July 4th.
We want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and above all, responsible holiday. Turn up those tunes, grab that wine, have a great time & be safe.

with Much Love,
-the Valenzano Crew


First Responders Appreciation Wknd

To our faithful & devoted First Responders,
Thank you to those who give their time, their service, and their hearts to our communities.

July 5th-7th
First Responders Appreciation Weekend
15% OFF Wine, Merchandise, & Food*

*Discount Cannot be combined or applied in addition to other discounts or offers.

The 411 on Witchy Weekends….

October has arrived! With it comes our third year of Witchy Weekends… previous celebrants and attendees know, but we want to emphasize for all patrons and guests:

Witchy Weekends is NOT a festival. They are themed weekends throughout the October month to let us enjoy our inner tricker treater with great company & amazing wine – offering a 20% discount to those draped & dressed in witchy finery.

Seating & tables on our weekends are limited. We require all large groups (7+ persons) to make reservations if they are visiting the winery (for Witchy Weekends or visiting in general).

Large Group Fees Apply to All Groups of 7+ persons. This is to provide the best accommodation, service, and experience for both sides of the bar. These fees apply to ALL members of the group attending.

This reservation will limit any wait you and your group may experience. Large groups arriving without reservation should expect a wait of 15-60 minutes depending on the business of the day.
Please note, your reservation does NOT guarantee a table or seating – your reservation is for space at the bar for your tasting, excellent service, informative interaction with your bartender, and time to partake & enjoy the finest wines on the East Coast.

We appreciate everyone who come out to share this yearly tradition with us, like ALL of our festivals, themed weekends, and plans – patience and cooperation with policies is what encourages us to keep hosting and offering these year after year as opposed to letting them pass away.

Thank you for your patience, your encouragement, and your support. Here’s to another great year of kooks, spooks, and weekend witchiness – Danny & the Crew


Witchy Weekends ’17

Select Saturdays & Sundays

Valenzano Winery



Join us for another season of spooks, kooks, and Halloween merriment. Witchy Weekends ’17 begins October 1st. Our crew is crazy about the Fall and every one of us loves Halloween – so last year we cooked up an idea to make the season a little more community oriented. We’re looking forward to sharing the tradition again with many of the same friendly, witchy faces from last year along with a host of new ones.

Witchy Weekends is a seasonal celebration hosted at the Valenzano Winery for two years now. Guests arriving in witchy gear will enjoy a 15% discount on their wine, food, and merchandise purchases for their seasonal cheer and participation. Individuals and small groups arriving to participate in the fun will be charged the standard tasting fee, with this being waived upon purchase. Because of the popularity of this observance and our dedication to organized and enjoyable visits to our winery, any group of 7+ persons is required to follow our large group policies. Any large party appearing without reservation or insisting on ‘splitting’ or refusing to cooperate with the terms will not be offered the discount and asked to wait till a suitable period for the bar/service to become available.


Tasting Room Menu

Tasting Room Menu:

Menu available weekends 11-3pm. (Limited menu available weekdays)

Artisan Cheese & Charcuterie Platter $26
An Array of Aged Cheese Accompanied by Cured Meats and Seasonal Garnish

Cheese Platter $17
An Array of Cheese and Crackers Accompanied by Seasonal Garnish

Cozy Shrimp & Calamari $16
Lightly Wrapped Shrimp with a Hint of Wasabi (4) Served Alongside Fried Calamari and Japanese Dipping Sauce

 Shamong Sampler $16
Cheesesteak Dumplings (2), Chicken Tenders (2) Veggie Spring Rolls (2), & Poblano Fiesta Poppers (3), Breaded Mushrooms (4) & Served Over Fries with Dipping Sauces

Cheesesteak Dumplings $10
(5) Your Favorite Philly Cheesesteak Folded into Dumplings and Nestled Over Fries

 The Original Tarantini Panzarotti $9
(5) Mini Cheese Panzarotti’s Per Order

 Bavarian Pretzels $8
Toasted Golden Bavarian Pretzel Sticks (4) Served with Melted Cheddar Cheese Sauce and Honey Mustard

Valenzano Flat Breads 1/$8 or 2/$14

  • Bar-b-Que Chicken
  • Fresh Mozzarella and Marinara
  • Asiago Artichoke Blend with Olives and Balsamic Glaze
  • White – Garlic Mascarpone, Mozzarella, and Provolone

Stromboli 1/$8 or 2/$14

  • Pepperoni & Cheese
  • Spinach & Cheese
  • Cheesesteak

Coffee, Hot Tea, Iced Tea and Soda Available Daily

Menu available weekends 11-3pm.  (Limited menu available weekdays)

Please call ahead if you have any questions (609)-268-6731


Notions for Potions

Tickets Purchase & Details Available in August

purchase tickets HERE

October 18th
*$25+Tax Presale Tix, Presale ONLY Event, 21+ Age Event
*Tix Includes Sangria & Wine Tasting, Souvenir Glass & Trick Or Treat Gift Bag

A haunting evening of spooky sangria sampling with an October inspired menu offered after dark, as the house is draped and drawn in some Halloween delight.
In honor of Witchy Weekends, those guests who arrive in Witch hats or Halloween swag, will qualify for a 15% OFF discount on food, wine, & merchandise – this discount does not combine with other offers.

***Events is 21+ years or older, children are not admitted/permitted to attend this event. Valid Picture ID required for all attendants. No exceptions or exclusions.
***Tix for this event are limited and will not be offered at the gate/door.
Participants will only be admitted with their pre-purchased tickets. No ticket refunds will be provided 30 days from event.

Witchy Weekends




Another year, another round of witchy weekend revelry.
The trees swing in the Autumn breeze, shifting their verdant hue to an array of red, gold, and bronze splendor. The evenings creep nearer with each passing October day, and amidst this shift of year and season, comes the full harvest.
The weekends of October invite friends, family, and patrons alike to come out in a wealth of witchy wares to enjoy a 15% discount on their wine, merchandise, and food purchases.

Don the hat and grab that broom,
Hallows Eve will be here soon.


***This is NOT a formal festival or large scale event – this is a themed weekend tradition celebrating the fall that offers a seasonal discount to participants. 

*large group rates and reservations apply, please visit for details
*Witchy Weekends is a four year tradition for all those Halloween folks who love a lil bit of creep and crawl with their fine wine experience