Holiday Wine Trail Barrel Tasting

Wine Trail Weekend

Nov 29-30 & Dec 1st

Additional $5 at entrance

Sip, Sample, & Share 3 delicious vintages thieved from their slumber and served in the heart of our winery at the Barrel Room Bar by the skillful hands who cultivate & craft our fine wines.

Just Peachy Parfait….

Peach Pinot Parfait

As discussed during the tour, it all begins with a bottle of Peach Pinot….

Slicing nectarines and peaches into generous portions (peel if preferred) – to this bowl add about half of your Peach Pinot (allowing for enough to just about cover the quantity you have cut) – these should be allowed to macerate for several hours (I always do it the night before, but sometimes the morning of, so long as I have 2-3 hours to allow)

These are transferred from liquid before the fam arrives, and they are scooped into a bowl where they stand for about 20 minutes (you can chill them additionally as well to encourage renewed firmness, totally your call)

In a separate bowl – we add goat cheese and/or mascarpone cheese (typically a healthy amount, measurement is subjective for your needs as we tend to sample and eat it as we make). Drizzle a good amount of honey onto the cheese(s) and stir liberally. You should see a faint changing of color as the honey is being incorporated (a dull gold as it all comes together).

In a cup/glass/bowl – we spoon a layer of the fruit, a sprinkling of granola (this last time we used a mixed nut & vanilla) then a layer of the honey cheese, then a layer of granola – then repeat & repeat to a size/amount you prefer.

The wine is then retrieved from the original bowl, hit with some ice and served beside it.

Witchy Weekends ’17

Select Saturdays & Sundays

Valenzano Winery



Join us for another season of spooks, kooks, and Halloween merriment. Witchy Weekends ’17 begins October 1st. Our crew is crazy about the Fall and every one of us loves Halloween – so last year we cooked up an idea to make the season a little more community oriented. We’re looking forward to sharing the tradition again with many of the same friendly, witchy faces from last year along with a host of new ones.

Witchy Weekends is a seasonal celebration hosted at the Valenzano Winery for two years now. Guests arriving in witchy gear will enjoy a 15% discount on their wine, food, and merchandise purchases for their seasonal cheer and participation. Individuals and small groups arriving to participate in the fun will be charged the standard tasting fee, with this being waived upon purchase. Because of the popularity of this observance and our dedication to organized and enjoyable visits to our winery, any group of 7+ persons is required to follow our large group policies. Any large party appearing without reservation or insisting on ‘splitting’ or refusing to cooperate with the terms will not be offered the discount and asked to wait till a suitable period for the bar/service to become available.


Fireworks Festival Policies and Tips

Valenzano Winery’s Independence Day Fireworks Festival will be held on July 3, 2016. Below is a list of our polices that have been put in place to ensure the most amount of visitors have the best possible experience.  Also included are some tips if you are new to festivals at Valenzano Winery.

  • All visitors must have pre-purchased tickets.  There are no tickets available at the gate.
  • We have a lot of parking but it is limited due to the acreage allotted for the fireworks safety range.  We do not charge for parking at our property.  If our lot fills up – and it will – you may park at neighboring fields.  These fields are not owned by us and will charge a small fee for parking.
  • Our parking lot at opens 4:15pm. We will not allow vehicles on the lot prior to this time.  Remember – you must have a printed ticket to be able to park on our parking lot.
  • There are 2 entrances. One is by our main parking lot.  This can only be accessed by customers parking in our main lot.  The second entrance is just off of Old Indian Mills Rd at the southern end of our property.  Only visitors parking at our neighbors lots can access this entrance.   No pedestrians will be permitted to walk down our main driveway.  If you park north of our farm you must walk to the southern roadside entrance – not down the main driveway.
  • Only customers with advanced printed tickets will be permitted to parking in our main parking lot.  Please display your tickets upon entering the parking area.
  • Pets are not permitted at this event.
  • Remember this is the only event we host where there is no wine sampling.  Logistically it’s just not possible.  As always – if you have never tried Valenzano Wines – we invite you to visit our tasting room during regular business hours 7 days a week for a complimentary wine tasting.  We will offer you a one-on-one tasting with a knowledgable wine representative who will walk you through our selection of wines and help you find the perfect bottle to match your tastes.  We would love to do this for you since it is not something we can offer during the fireworks festival.  Regular business hours are Monday-Friday 11-5, Saturday and Sunday 11-4.
  • Outside alcohol is not permitted other than wines produced by Valenzano Winery. There will be plenty of wine to purchase at the festival but we also allow customers to bring in their own selection of Valenzano Wines if those wines are in sealed, original bottles.
  • We are working on getting an ATM at the event but mobile ATMs do not always perform at large festivals.  Most food vendors and crafters will only accept cash.
  • Tents, umbrellas and tables larger than 20″x20″ are not permitted.
  • All visitors over 21 must have valid state drivers license, passport or military ID.  Over-21 guests will be given a designated wrist band indicating their age.
  • NJ State Troopers will be patrolling the festival to ensure that only visitors with an over-21 wrist band are consuming wine.  NJ State Police ensure us that there will be no tolerance for under age drinking.
  • Bring a corkscrew!
  • Bring a lawn chair – lawn blankets are discouraged.  We have no problem with lawn blankets if they are being used.  Our customers do have a problem with unattended lawn blankets laid all over the property.
  • Keep hydrated.  All of our vendors will be selling water and you can purchase bottled water for $1.00 at our wine sales tent.
  • Keep an eye on your children.  We had a lost child a few years back which caused a 30 minutes delay to the start of the fireworks display.  Be sure you know where your kids are before the sun sets.
  • Bring a flashlight!  Our lights will take a few minutes to get up to full power after the display. Having your own flashlight will come in handy.
  • Our post-festival employee party will be stocked with all the confiscated alcohol we catch visitors trying to smuggle into the festival.  You are welcome to try – but the people searching are the ones who plan on drinking later that evening.  It’s not likely they are going to miss something – especially if it’s a good bourbon, Kettle One, or cold Jaegermister.  One More Bar and Grill and Pic-A-Lilli play a big part in the organization and execution of this event.  They will be open after the show so save your non-wine drinking till then.
  • Please drink responsibly.  Valenzano Winery has been hosting festivals for 15 years and our crowds are always the best!  Please continue this tradition of responsible beverage consumption.  Our trained staff will do its best to ensure that there are no incidents, but that can only be done if our customers are drinking responsibly as well as looking after their friends and family.
  • Designate a Driver!  After the festival there will be a lot of traffic with a lot of pedestrians.  Be sure no one under the influence has a chance to get behind the wheel.  NJ State Police will be monitoring activity in the parking lot after the festival.
  • Like any big sporting event or concert – there will be a line of traffic exiting the festival.  It may take 30-45 minutes to get out of parking lots and onto the highway.  We have a traffic plan in place to reduce this time as much as possible but no amount of planning can make our country road any wider.  We ask that you are prepared for this.
  • If you were unable to get tickets before they sold out you may still be able to park at one of our neighboring fields and watch the fireworks display.  We are not affiliated with these neighboring fields nor to do we take responsibility for what they are offering.  They can however provide a great view for the fireworks display.

Our staff at Valenzano Family Winery puts an enormous amount of effort into planning our festivals.  Our goal is always ‘to provide the best possible experience for the most amount of visitors’.  We are not perfect, we will anticipate incorrectly or forget something that should have been obvious.  We assure you that when these things become evident – we will recognize our mistakes and plan for it the following year.  One thing we are very proud if is the fact that every event we do is better managed, more entertaining, and more comfortable than the previous year’s event.  This is only possible because our amazing customers consistently give us the benefit of the doubt, and understand their best interest is our ultimate goal.  We have had 16 years to perfect WineFest – and it is awesome!  This is only our 5th year hosting Fireworks so we still have a lot to learn before we can claim to host a perfect festival.

Tasting Room Menu


Coffee, Hot Tea, Iced Tea and Soda Available Daily

Menu available weekends 11-3pm.  (Limited menu available weekdays)

Please call ahead if you have any questions (609)-268-6731


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