Touring with family & tradition

It’s too easy today to get lost in the routine and grind of our daily responsibilities and necessities, and fail to take a moment and acknowledge (and admire) the joyful points along the ride of life.

A visit to Valenzano Winery boasts a variety of warm and welcoming experiences, spanning from the exhilarating high times of WineFest to the seasonal celebrations of Wine Trail Weekend. Between the numerous events and countless festivals, we’ve also had the pleasure to share our weekends with the tour guests, who come together on so many Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays to share their time and visit with us like family.  Whether dipping, nipping & sipping or being warned “Don’t Eat the Morsel” – the folks who have joined us for these experiences have helped us explore and cultivate a special means and method to make their visit an intimate and in depth immersion into the tradition and inspiration that has allowed our business to flourish.

Our tour guides, Dana – Dawn – Rachel – Dominic – Nick – Johnathan – Danny – Erin, continue to grow & work together to add their personal touches and individual approaches on an experience that brings you in as guests and has you leaving as extended family.  The goal of the tour has always been to invite everyone to take part in the tradition, share in the beauty of the vineyards, celebrate the hard work and dedication to precision and quality that keeps our wines remarkable & delicious.

As the summer comes to a close this year on August 26th , we’ll be celebrating our 625th tour. With that approaching, we want to take a moment to stop, smile, and thank everyone who’s been a part of this profound experience with us. You’re more than just guests, you’re cousins.

To everyone who’s shared their time & love of wine with us, thank you for making this so rewarding

-the Tour Guides

Just Peachy Parfait….

Peach Pinot Parfait

As discussed during the tour, it all begins with a bottle of Peach Pinot….

Slicing nectarines and peaches into generous portions (peel if preferred) – to this bowl add about half of your Peach Pinot (allowing for enough to just about cover the quantity you have cut) – these should be allowed to macerate for several hours (I always do it the night before, but sometimes the morning of, so long as I have 2-3 hours to allow)

These are transferred from liquid before the fam arrives, and they are scooped into a bowl where they stand for about 20 minutes (you can chill them additionally as well to encourage renewed firmness, totally your call)

In a separate bowl – we add goat cheese and/or mascarpone cheese (typically a healthy amount, measurement is subjective for your needs as we tend to sample and eat it as we make). Drizzle a good amount of honey onto the cheese(s) and stir liberally. You should see a faint changing of color as the honey is being incorporated (a dull gold as it all comes together).

In a cup/glass/bowl – we spoon a layer of the fruit, a sprinkling of granola (this last time we used a mixed nut & vanilla) then a layer of the honey cheese, then a layer of granola – then repeat & repeat to a size/amount you prefer.

The wine is then retrieved from the original bowl, hit with some ice and served beside it.