Notions for Potions Recipes

Notions for Potions ‘19 Recipes & Layout


Envy: Shamong White, White Cranberry, Chardonnay w/ Peach Juice

Lust: Chardonnay, White Cranberry w/ Pineapple Juice, White Grape Juice



Wrath: Shamong Red, Port, Apples, w/ Red Grape Juice

Pride: Malbec, Blackberry Syrah, Blackberry Juice, w/ Winesap Apples

Greed: Plum, Shamong Blush w/ Aloe Juice,  Pink Lady Apples



Sloth: RW&B (and nothing else, cause sloth means lazy and so is this recipe)

Gluttony: Shamong Red, Reserve, Blush, Shamong White, Labrusca & Blackberry Syrah

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