Nice & Precise Picnic Policies for Patrons

The summer season & sunny beauty has finally arrived! As the flowers bloom, the vineyards swell, and the sweeping breeze welcomes us all to enjoy the fresh air – we want to take a moment to share some details about the picnic area with guests coming out to spend some quality time at the winery.

The picnic area hosts a number of tables that allow guests to purchase wine and food from inside the winery, and then recline & relax while they’re sharing some quality time at our facility. This area also allows guests to bring along their own food items and, as the area’s name suggests, picnic and play in the warmth.

This same area also offers a spot to share your winery visit with four legged friends & family. While only Service Animals are permitted into the winery in compliance with BoH regulation & ADA law, properly leashed & secured pets can enjoy the picnic area – with families acknowledging that they are fully responsible for code, conduct & clean up.

Visitors to the picnic area are reminded, outside alcohol including spirits, beer, all non-Valenzano wine is strictly prohibited. As our staff monitors their area, any beverages they find that meet or are suspect of this policy will be confiscated. Neglect of this policy may result in a patron or group being ejected from our property.

Guests enjoying the picnic area are reminded that the area has been cleaned, cleared, and set for everyone to take in the beautiful scenery of our farm while enjoying the fruits of labors in one red, white, sweet, or dry sip at a time. The vineyard itself, while gorgeous and inviting, is not open to visitors to walk, sit within, or cut & sample. Please respect the farm and remain in the picnic area. Side note: Please do not cut the vines and pull the flowers & fruit to make centerpieces for your picnic table and/or wreaths and headband for your heads. While it’s a very unique & dramatic accessory, its damaging to our beloved plants & their produce, they don’t like it, please don’t do it – you know who you are.

As with all policies outlined and provided by the winery, our goal is for everyone to have an interactive, enjoyable, and most importantly, responsible experience with us. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to share a memory with our crew, our wine, and our farm. Follow these Nice & Precise Policies, and your visit will be the first of many we share together. 


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