How do i reserve a Private Party Tent for WINEFESTNJ ?

That is the question, isn’t it?  The reason most people don’t know the answer is because there are less tents available than people who want to rent one. For this reason we make the process to acquire one a little obscure.  This tends to weed out the people who only ‘kinda want a tent’ vs. the […]

Tartaric Acid (Wine Diamonds)

Tartaric Acid (Wine Diamonds) I opened a bottle of wine and there were crystals around the bottom of the cork and the bottom of the bottle.  What is this? This is crystalized tartaric acid, affectionately known by industry professionals as “wine diamonds,” or tartrates.   These crystalline deposits form in wines when potassium and tartaric acid, […]

Holiday Hour Announcement


2017 Winery Events

Below is a preview of what we are working on for 2017:


The 15th year of WineFest will be held on September 17 & 18, 2016.   Our goal is always to make this event more fun, more entertaining and more comfortable for our family and guests.  If you are new to WineFest below is a list of policies that have been put in place to ensure […]

Sangria Competition Results & Recipes

First Place: #18 Second Place: #10 Third Place: #1 Fourth Place: #16 Fifth Place: #15 Sixth Place: #11       #1 Steve’s Sangria 4 pts Blackberry Syrah 2 pts Raspberry Riesling 2 litre Rasberry soda 3-4 slices of lime 1 pint of raspberries 1 pint blueberries 1 pint blackberries (pinch of sugar to taste) […]

Fireworks Festival Policies and Tips

Valenzano Winery’s Independence Day Fireworks Festival will be held on July 3, 2016. Below is a list of our polices that have been put in place to ensure the most amount of visitors have the best possible experience.  Also included are some tips if you are new to festivals at Valenzano Winery. All visitors must […]

Private Party Menu – Thursday Night Dinners

Below is our house menu which is available for your private party on Thursday evenings.  Private events during any other date must acquire menus and pricing from our caterers listed at        Contact [email protected] to make your private party reservation.