How do I register as a craft vendor or food truck?

Are you a crafter or food vendor that is interested in particpating at Valenzano Winery’s festivals and events?  If so you can register for our events right on our website.  Each event we host is listed at . Information for crafters and food trucks is posted on each of these event pages.


Q:  How can I get notified about being a crafter or food vendor at Valenzano Winery’s events?
A:  You may ‘like’ our official Facebook page at or sign up for our newsletter at .  We will send out an email and make one post on facebook when we are accepting vendors for an event.

Q: Is Valenzano Winery accepting crafter or food vendor applications?
A: Our event pages at will clearly state if we we are accepting vendor applications.  We may be accepting applications for certain events, but not others.  You must read each individual event post to know what events are still accepting vendors

Q:  I posted a message on Facebook letting you know I’m interested in being a vendor.  When will I get a reply?
A:  You will not get a reply to crafter/vendor request posted through Facebook.

Q: How many crafters/food vendors do you allow to participate in your events?
A:  That is dependent upon the projected crowds and the ability of our vendors to accommodate customers.  For example, if we allowed 10 food trucks at last year’s event and the lines were 15 minutes long, we will most certainly be increasing the number of food vendors to the following year’s event.  The point being – if you want less competition you need to figure out ways to better and more quickly accommodate customers.   Customer satisfactions is considered before vendor satisfaction.

Q:  I participated at last year’s event.  Will I automatically be notified about this years’ registration?
A:  No.  The only way you will be notified is if you ‘liked’ our official Facebook page at or signed up for our newsletter at 

Q:  Should I inquire on your Facebook page if you are accepting crafters?
A:  No, you should not.

Q:  I have a food truck business and am about to apply to your event.  I’m concerned that what I produce/sell may conflict with someone else who is already registered; I don’t want  pay to be a vendor if my menu is going to be limited.  How should I handle this?
A:   When we receive your application we will review your menu and determine if it conflicts with any other vendors.  If there is a problem or your menu is limited in some way we will notify you and give you the opportunity to pull out of the event and receive a full refund.   We ask that our food vendors have a unique concept that they feel will compete (regardless of competition).  These are the food trucks that will get a guaranteed spot.

Q:  Do you give preferential treatment to food truck owners who are customers of Valenzano Winery, who visit the winery and introduce themselves, and/or who participate in your smaller (less profitable events)?
A:  Yes.  This is part of our business philosophy.  We prefer to do business with those who choose to do business with us, whether that be by visiting our tasting room, enjoying Thursday Night Dinner, or by purchasing tickets to our events and festivals.  We also appreciate it and will look to return the favor when food trucks are willing to participate in our smaller, less-proven, new festivals and events.

Q:  I’m on your event page and it does not state if you are accepting vendors.  How should I interpret this?
A:  If an event page does not state that we are accepting crafters or food trucks this is due to one of two reasons:  Reason #1:  Vendor applications are not available at this time because we are still in the planning stages of the event.  Reason #2:  Vendor spots are completely full and we are no longer accepting vendors.   If you are inquiring into an event that is less than 6 weeks away and you do not see any vendor information  – you may assume this is due to Reason #2.

Q:  I posted a message to your Facebook page that I want to be a crafter.  Why didn’t I get a response?

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