A Taste For Every Occasion


Classic wine styles crafted by the Valenzano family.

Cabernet Merlot

Medium-bodied red with pronounced character and flavors. A gold medal winner, awarded ‘Best Blend’ by NJ Monthly Magazine.

$11 per 750ml bottle


The perfect pizza and pasta wine. Oak-aged, medium-bodied red with moderate tannins and a lingering finish.

$12 per 750ml bottle

Merlot Reserve

Oak-aged, West Coast style red with ripe fruit flavors. Named ‘Best Merlot’ by NJ Monthly Magazine.

$16 per 750ml bottle

Old Indian Mills Blend

The New York Times describes Old Indian Mills Blend as “a red that blends Merlot and Chambourcin, soft and very fruity.” Try it and enjoy a complex blend of old and new world flavors.


$17 per 750ml bottle

Vidal Blanc

The Pinot Grigio of the East Coast — crisp with hints of grapefruit, pears, and peaches.

$11 per 750ml bottle


The ideal summer sipper. Crisp, complex and fruity with light citrus notes balanced with a hint of oak.

$13 per 750ml bottle


Traditional wine styles crafted with local grapes.

Shamong Red

New Jersey’s best-selling native wine. A popular all-occasion table wine crafted with Concord grapes. Delicious cold.

$9 per 750ml bottle

Shamong White

The perfect summer wine. Light and refreshing; crafted with cold-pressed Niagara grapes.

$10 per 750ml bottle

Shamong Pinelands Blush

Shamong Pinelands Blush is a Gold Medal Winner in the “Sweet Rosés” category at the New Jersey Wine Competition sponsored by Rutgers Cooperative Extension. It is light and fruity, crafted with fresh, Concord grapes.

$9 per 750ml bottle

Shamong Red Reserve

Crafted with Concord and Ives grapes, Shamong Red Reserve is dark, rich, and semi-sweet. It is a three-time “Best American Varietal” winner at the New Jersey Wine Competition sponsored by Rutgers Cooperative Extension.

$11 per 750ml bottle

Shamong Labrusca

Semi-sweet and slightly foxy with a subtle earthiness. It pairs well with barbecue, burgers on the grill, and sunsets.

$11 per 750ml bottle


Modern, fun, and flavorful fruit wines.

Berry White Cranberry Wine

A delicate blend of early harvest cranberries creates a crisp, sweet, and citrusy wine. Pairs well with fish and chicken. Made from fresh, local fruit.

$10 per 750ml bottle

Berry Red Cranberry Wine

Berry Red is an award-winning “Fruit Wine.” Serve chilled or at room temperature aside salads and light cheeses. Made from fresh, local fruit.

$10 per 750ml bottle

True Blue Blueberry Wine

The fragrance and flavors of fresh-picked blueberries. Fruity and refreshing, and delicious with desserts like chocolate, cheesecake, or poured over a bowl of ice cream. Made from 100% fresh blueberries.

$11 per 750ml bottle

Hard Pressed Cider Wine

Crisp, like biting into a fresh apple. A light, refreshing apple cider wine crafted with local apples. Delicious cold or mulled.

$10 per 750ml bottle

Plums Up Plum Wine

Plum perfection. Crisp with intense fresh-from-the-field plums. Starts sweet. Finishes tart. Made from 100% fresh fruit.

$11 per 750ml bottle

Bramble On Raspberry Wine

Bramble On is rich, sweet, and indulgent with flavors of fresh raspberries. It pairs perfectly with dark chocolates, cheesecakes, and other popular desserts.

$13 per 750ml bottle

Blueberry Bubbly

Skip the champagne and celebrate with our sparkling, sweet, blueberry wine. It is light, refreshing, and effervescent.

$15 per 750ml bottle

Cranberry Bubbly

A great alternative to champagne. Cranberry Bubbly is a sparkling cranberry wine crafted from ripe, local cranberries.

$15 per 750ml bottle


For our Destinations series we sourced grapes from some of the best growing regions for specific wine. The result is a first class flight of wines perfect for any destination.


Hints of light floral notes with a touch of oak for an earthly, full-bodied taste.

$20 per 750ml bottle


Blends medium tannins with hints of vanilla and cherry for a soft, elegant finish.

$20 per 750ml bottle


This big Zin fuses hints of cherry and strawberry jams with noticeable tannins for a rich robust flavor.

$20 per 750ml bottle


Uniquely exclusive limited release wines.

Sweet Cab

With flavors of cherries, raspberries, and blackcurrants, this everyday Cabernet goes anywhere.

$10 per 750ml bottle

Bine & Vine

A fun, flavorful Chardonnay infused with Citra hops. Intense citrus and tropical fruit flavors.

$15 per 750ml bottle

Jersey Devil Port

This local legend comes right from the heart of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Our Jersey Devil Port is a deep, rich, and velvety Cynthiana wine fortified with brandy and aged in oak for three years. It’s powerful stuff. Enjoy responsibly or repent later.

$17 per 750ml bottle

Jersey Devil Honey Wine

Sweet but sinister, our Jersey Devil Honey Wine is crafted with local honey. This delicious monster is sure to entice you with strong floral notes and aromas and flavors of apples, oak, vanilla, and a touch of spice.

$12 per 750ml bottle

Red, White & Blueberry Sangria

Our refreshing Red, White, & Blueberry Sangria blends red and white cranberry wines with blueberry. It’s sweet, tart, and it’s sure to be popular at any party or celebration. A portion of the proceeds goes toward supporting military charities. Over $80,000 donated directly to our troops so far.

$11 per 750ml bottle

Harmony Series

A harmonious blend of fresh fruit and grapes with no artificial flavors or colors.


Our Peach Pinot Grigio harmonizes the sweetness of fresh peaches with the dry, zesty flavor of Pinot Grigio. This unique flavor is best paired with fish, vegetables, and lighter meals.

$11 per 750ml bottle


Our Blackberry Syrah harmonizes the bold, full-bodied flavor of Syrah red grapes with the tart sweetness of fresh blackberries. Pairs well with burgers, steak and other rich foods.

$11 per 750ml bottle


We combined semi-sweet Riesling grapes with fresh raspberries for a refreshing blush wine. Perfect for enjoying with friends on hot summer days.

$11 per 750ml bottle

All pricing includes 7% NJ Sales Tax